BizAnalyser is a fully automated financial spreading application using a patent-pending parsing engine, to read, recreate and categorise business financial statements.

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• Used by some of the World’s Largest Banks
• Can replace existing spreading tools or integrate with them to provide automation benefits
• Saves up to 70% time in financial spreading
• Artificial Intelligence provides continued efficiency improvement
• Processes PDF, Excel and Image files
• Reads financials in over 200 languages
• API’s allow integration with other bank systems
• Documents are automatically processed from specified folders or integrated workflow tools
• Reduction in manual typing and calculation results in reduced error rates
• Line-by-line reconciliation with original financials simplifies the QA process
• Centralised administration panel provides visibility of user behaviour
• On-screen visibility of financials reduces scanning and printing performed by banker
• Rich, visual reporting suite
• Enriched data collection (item level, not category level)