BizAnalyser is a fully automated financial spreading application using a patent-pending parsing engine, to read, recreate and categorise business financial statements.

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Save up to 70% time in financial spreading

BizAnalyser is able to read multiple formats containing financial statements and recreate the contents, categorise each line item according to a central dictionary and produce a set of reports on the company and its performance.

• Line-by-line reconciliation with original financials simplifies the QA process
• On-screen visibility of financials reduces scanning and printing performed by banker
• Reduction in manual typing and calculation results in reduced error rates
• Artificial Intelligence provides continued efficiency improvement

Integration Capabilities

BizAnalyser provides a very rich foundation for integrating with other applications via its application programming interface (API). It provides “call in” and “call out” access to a number of functions in the system.

• API’s allow integration with other bank systems
• Replace existing spreading tools or integrate with them to provide automation benefits​

Language and Document Support

BizAnalyser’s extensive language and document support can give you the assurance that no
matter which language or document type your customers provide you that they can be handled with ease.

• Reads financials in over 200 languages
• Processes Microsoft Word, Excel, Image and PDF files
• Documents are automatically processed from specified folders or integrated workflow tools​


BizAnalyser provides a powerful suite of reporting tools to help you organize, view, and analyze your data.

• Rich, visual reporting suite
• Enriched data collection (item level, not category level)
• Create customised reports for your organisation

Centralised Administration Panel

BizAnalyser’s Web-based Administration Panel provides you with a fast and secure way to manage all aspects of the application and users.

• Provides visibility of user behaviour, including audit reports
• Manage Models, Regions and Dictionaries

On-Premises Software and Financials

BizAnalyser can be deployed directly onto your existing infrastructure without the need of complex setups and management.
• Security and Resilience: No third party access to your customers financials or offshoring required. The data – and the backups – are held on your own premises.
• Compliance: The recent introduction of the GDPR means that clients are responsible for policing the systems that are run on their behalf. This adds legal and auditing tasks to companies using outsourced suppliers. Keeping systems and data internal simplifies compliance.

Powered by BizAnalyser

Used by some of the World’s Largest Banks and continuing to grow, BizAnalyser has become a much-needed application in the Financial Spreading sector.