Weeks 11 & 12 – The end to a great program!

Weeks 11 & 12 were a mad scramble to the end.  We had many follow up sessions with the banks that we had been working with, in order to lock in next steps following the conclusion of the program. Myself and Cedric Jeannot from iThink Security were invited by HSBC to speak to their technology…
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Weeks 9 & 10 – only 2 weeks left!!

After a short trip back home, it was straight back into the FinTech Innovation Lab. We held additional meetings with our mentors, Bank of America, who have been outstanding in drawing out what our value proposition is and what we should focus on moving forward.  We also held several meetings with banks on the program that are…
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Week 8 – Videos

We started the week by filming a short update on the program and closed it out with a quick trip home to meet with customers back in Oz and spend some time quality time with the family.

Week 7 – Integration, Mentorship, Venture Capital and Communication

A very busy week seven started with a meeting with Moody's about integrating our BizAnalyser application with their RiskAnalyst tool.  Most of the banks we deal with have their solution embedded in their processes, so we were pleased to learn that Moody's provides an API which our application can talk to. On Tuesday we had…
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Week 6 – Busy times for FinSuite

We had a week of meetings with the banks, signing NDA's and establishing Proof of Concepts.  With most of the banks on the Fintech Innovation Lab having a global presence,  it will also mean more travel coming up. On the home front things are getting busy also, with several banks progressing FinSuite solutions.  Thank heavens…
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Week 5 – Bank of America, Connect Communication and Follow Ups

We started with week with a speed dating session with Bank of America.  It was a fantastic event, both logistically and with the engagement show by the bank.  A quick pitch, question time, followed by demonstrations. On Thursday we had a training session with Patrick from Connect Communication.  It was a great session, learning about…
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Week 4, Barclays, national holiday and protests

Week 4 opened up with speed dating session with Barclay's on Monday.  Unfortunately the logistics were quiet difficult given the protests in HK and video conferencing had to be employed.  We'll use the next few weeks to follow up with people that weren't able to attend. The rest of the week was fairly quiet due…
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