A very busy week seven started with a meeting with Moody’s about integrating our BizAnalyser application with their RiskAnalyst tool.  Most of the banks we deal with have their solution embedded in their processes, so we were pleased to learn that Moody’s provides an API which our application can talk to.

On Tuesday we had a mentor session with Bank of America.  As usual, their commitment to the program was immediately evident as when we saw the seniority of the people they had invited to the meeting.  We received some fantastic advice about the potential to scale our product range and company to target more areas of the bank.  As a result, we’re going to gain some insight into this opportunity in a separate visit to one of their operations centers.

Appropriately, our next session was with Melissa from Arbor Ventures.  We learned about the ins and out of the Venture Capital world and some of the expectations if we were to raise money through VC to scale the company.   At the end of the program, we will be presenting at an “investor day” so the insight from Melissa was invaluable.

Throughout the week, we had a few more follow ups from banks that we had not expected to have a good product fit for.  We continue to work on Proof of Concepts with some of the banks that we have a direct fit for and we’ll work with the others, to explore the opportunities that weren’t immediately apparent.

… and of course, we managed to take in some of the beautiful sights that Hong Kong has to offer…

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