Weeks 11 & 12 were a mad scramble to the end.  We had many follow up sessions with the banks that we had been working with, in order to lock in next steps following the conclusion of the program. Myself and Cedric Jeannot from iThink Security were invited by HSBC to speak to their technology staff as part of their Speaker Series.

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After some final pitch training and a video update on our progress, the 4th of December had arrived and it was time fir the final program formality – Investor Day.  Each startup had 6 minutes to pitch their business to a room full of investors, bankers and government officials.  It was a great event and every startup did extremely well.

We wrapped up the day and the program with a final celebration dinner at the magnificent Catalunya restaurant in Wan Chai.  The whole program was a huge success.  We have established many working relationships and we now look forward to a short break before a very busy 2015.

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