After a short trip back home, it was straight back into the FinTech Innovation Lab.

We held additional meetings with our mentors, Bank of America, who have been outstanding in drawing out what our value proposition is and what we should focus on moving forward.  We also held several meetings with banks on the program that are moving to formal proof of concepts on our BizAnalyser software.

In addition to this, we had sessions with InvestHK, Accenture Media Training,  Accenture Financial Services Consulting Teams and got to attend InvestHK’s Startmeup conference.

On the product front, we successfully integrated our BizAnalyser application with Moody’s RiskAnalyst application.  On the customer front, we became approved vendors for 2 more banks!

The focus now turns to preparations for Investor Day in 2 weeks time – a pitch to 250 VC’s, Bankers and Government officials!

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